Day Case Total Hip Replacement

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Improving the care patients receive when they are having a hip replacement has led to dramatic improvements in recovery and return to function after their procedure.

Where a hip replacement once typically involved a 3 weeks hospital stay, it is now possible for some patients to go home on the same day as their hip replacement or the day after.

This means a quicker return to function for patients and avoids problems associated with staying in hospital.

Who may benefit

Patients that may be suitable for a day case total hip replacement may include younger patients and those that are in good general health, where the procedure is straight forward.

Whether day case surgery is an option for you will be discussed in advance with Mr Queally.

What to expect

Prof Queally runs a day case total hip replacement programme at the Beacon hospital. This is broadly what to expect that is different to a routine hip replacement programme.

Before surgery: 

1:1 review with the physiotherapy, occupational therapy and pain teams to have your home ready for you. The team will also set goals and expectations for enhanced recovery.

During surgery: 

Specialised anaesthetic techniques (e.g. low dose spinal anaesthetic) that wears off quickly after the procedure and allow you to start walking a few hours after your hip replacement.

After surgery:

  • Use of painkillers that better control pain and have reduced side effects, such as drowsiness.
  • Supported discharge programme where you are visited in your home by a physiotherapist for the first two days after your surgery.
  • Access to physiotherapy classes at the Beacon Hospital.

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Patient Outcomes

Most patients want to get back to their own environment as soon as possible following surgery and medical research suggests that people generally recovery better and quicker in their own home.

Therefore, where day case total hip replacement is an option, it can add extra comfort for you as the patient and speed up the recovery process.


All surgical procedures carry a degree of risk. A day case hip replacement carries no more risks than regular surgery and the medical team would clearly only release you to your home once Mr Queally has met with you and is happy to discharge you. Risks will be discussed with you prior to surgery.

For evidence-based orthopaedic care you can trust, make contact for an initial consultation.