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Taking Action with Your Arthritis in 2021

If you are living with severe arthritis you will know what a debilitating condition it is. In the early stages, arthritis causes joint stiffness, some pain and a decline in mobility. But, as the disease progresses it leads to worsening pain, which can become severe, and a loss of function which can affect your ability…


Coping with Arthritis Over the Festive Season

Christmas could be particularly difficult this year for elderly and vulnerable people who are on their own and unable to meet up with family and friends due to Covid restrictions. For people with arthritis, the festive period already comes with many challenges and these are likely to be heightened by the additional psychological pressures.

Woman recovering hip surgery with walker

Which Surgical Approach is Best for a Hip Replacement?

Many patients who are due to undergo hip replacement surgery do their own research into the different surgical approaches. As orthopaedic surgeons, we welcome this as it means patients are well-informed and fully engaged in their own treatment and rehabilitation, which helps to better long-term outcomes. However, sometimes misconceptions can arise and this can lead…


Is My Orthopaedic Surgery Safe?

This is the question we are being asked most frequently right now and people’s anxiety is understandable. With cases of Covid-19 rising again and a move towards local containment measures, there is a reluctance among some patients to enter a hospital setting.